At Patriot Gun Safes, we didn't become the world's fastest growing gun safe manufacturer by sitting on our hands. Our gun cabinets thive on technology & innovation. That's why this website is packed with fire safe designs and features you wont find anywhere else. Features like our Advanced Relocking System. Or our expanded gun safe interiors. Or our Vibration Sensor (Included with every "Official" Patriot Gun Safe). Or our quick access X-2400 Digital/Manual Locking system. Simply put, Patriot Gun safes give you more control of access, more confidence, no matter what you do, no matter where you do it. Your possessions will always fare well with the protection and security of a Patriot Gun Safe. gun safes san jose New for 2013 the 2-Hour "Premium" Gun Safes featuring over $825.00 of upgrades not seen on other gun safe brands. These safes were designed with the U.S Armed Forces request for a gun safe that could handle any situation anytime, but add a beautiful look that has beed refined by so many of our valued customers. Also, the 2-Hour L.E.O Specials are larger and more fireproof that most gun safes in their price range, and this "Mean Machine" gives you more fire protection and more structural strength than ever before. More steel, more fire protection and a killer price equals too many happy customers to count. Our Gun Safes are made from the best steel press broken to shape. You will be amazed how these gun safes function and how easy they are to use. We have also decided to keep promoting "Friends of the N.R.A" to our customers ensuring that Patriot Gun Safes always has a helping hand in promoting our 2nd Amendment Rights.