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Locksmith Service

If you forgot the combination, your lock malfunctioned, or your safe was damaged due to fire or other unforeseen circumstances, we have the skill and expertise to open your safe, whether the lock is manual, electronic, or key lock using state-of-the-art technology. 


Call 408-877-5555 to get your safe opened today.


Sergii Kurguzov, is a licensed California Locksmith and a member of the Safe & Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA)  who specializes in safe opening, repair and service. He employs a variety of safe and vault opening methods to ensure access to your valuable assets. Trained in the latest techniques, he can open manual, electronic, and key lock safes, using advanced tools and state-of-the-art technology. Here are some of the methods he is trained in.


  • Combination Manipulation: This involves skillfully manipulating the safe's mechanical combination lock to determine the correct combination. We carefully listen and feel for subtle cues that help us decipher the combination sequence.

  • Safe Dialing: We use specialized tools to precisely turn the safe's dial, gradually moving through the potential combinations. By carefully analyzing the lock's response, we can identify the correct combination and open the safe without damage.

  • Electronic Safe Opening: For safes equipped with electronic locks, we use advanced tools to bypass or override the electronic system, granting access without compromising the safe's security features.

  • Safe Drilling: Where other methods prove unsuccessful or are not feasible, safe drilling may be necessary. We are skilled in strategic drilling techniques that minimize damage to the safe. After opening the safe, we can repair or replace the necessary components to restore its functionality.

  • Safe Manipulation: This method involves manipulating the internal components of the safe, such as the boltwork or relocker, to gain access. Our experts possess a deep understanding of safe construction and design, allowing them to skillfully navigate these internal mechanisms and open the safe safely.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.