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California Safes Company understands customers' needs and solves all their concerns giving them workable solutions for their security requirements. Our team consists of professional workers with an abundant experience in loading, moving, installing safes, fixing them on the floor or wall regardless their size and weight, handling and bolting down the safes for residential and commercial accounts demonstrating integrity while at clients' home.

California Safes company was established by two brothers Kurguzov in June, 2017 but we have a wide experience of working with safes. Sergey Kurguzov, the owner of our company, has worked more than 5 years in this field developing and enhancing skills everyday making more than 25 moves and installations in a week. We increase our orders every month because we leave the satisfied clients after our job. As a result, our customers hire us again in a heartbeat and recommended us to theirs friends, relatives and strangers on Yelp or Google.

Our team

Sergei Kurguzov is the owner of California Safes who has extensive experience in moving and installation safes since 2013. Sergei started his work in this field as a technical installer of safes in The Safes Keepers Company, Las Vegas, Nevada doing installation commercial safes for casinos, medical safes for hospitals and drug storages, gun safes for police departments and weed dispensaries.

Extremely expert skilled person with wide abilities to efficiently manage the schedule and consider a workable logistic of safe deliveries, conclude the agreement with customers and provide on-time and dependable transportation. He handles the job professionally and guarantees courteous and accurate service for clients. Sergey trained his co-workers to move and install the safes, to fix them on the floor or wall regardless their size and weight, to level and bolt down them. So California Safes team works together like a well oiled machine.

In addition, Sergei demonstrates the ability to select and match the appropriate and perfect safes for every individual customers that suit them. Depending on your needs he can:

find the suitable safe for your space room or office, garage or store;

suggest gun safe for your weapons including handguns or firearms, gun cabinets or pistol safes according what guns you own;

help you to choose affordable safe depending on your economic conditions and how much money you are ready to invest in your security;

give you advice how to buy the best qualitative safes

We take care of you and it is our mission to leave the pleased customer so all of these hints from Sergey you can use later choosing a perfect safe for you in our online storage.

Yehor Shytikov is our uniquely qualified e-comers who created site California Safes for customers’ convenience and fast using. He has worked with eBay, The Safes Keepers, Js Products so his previous experience made him very organized and creative in software development, but at the same time Yehor is very diligent and efficient technical installer of safes. His understanding of mechanism and physical laws helps to do thoughtful and well-maintained safe service.

Ruslan Kurguzov is well trained and knowledgeable worker who works side by side with his brother assisting very politely, efficiently and neatly. California Safes is proud to have such a persevering and hard-working person who also has a talent easy to converse with customers and explain in user-friendly format the process of safes moving and installation.