A cheap gun safe is not all a waste. Many are sturdily built and can be relied upon. You just have to know what you are getting.You might not think it is a big deal where you buy your gun safes these days. All the major department stores sell them. Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, stores like these all sell safes at really low prices and these safes seem pretty good at face value. However, more and more companies that sell safes through those major department stores are being forced to cheapen their safes and this is a big problem for your home security. You could even find some used gun safes better than the Wal-Mart gun safes. gun safes bay area When shopping for a safe you need to pay attention to the price tag but you don’t want to scrape the bottom of the barrel either. You’ll probably be able to find some gun safes for sale at your neighborhood department store for under $40. Not a bad deal if you are looking to save some money but you really want to consider why you want a gun safe in the first place.

Cheap Gun Safes – What is their purpose?

Different safes will come with different levels of quality. If you are looking for gun safes under $150, you need to expect that it will not be the same quality as the safes that are being sold for ten times that price. I think you can get decent safes in the $250-$600 range. Anything above that will give you something you can count on forever and that will last often through fire and flood. If you want to spend less than that, you are probably taking a risk with your safe. Cheap gun safes should not hold your jewelry and heirlooms but should just be used to keep your guns out of your kids hands. This is really the only reason to buy cheap gun safes, as they won’t protect your guns from theft and fire. Now, here is a review of the bestselling Walmart gun safe, from Walmart’s website, “We have had this safe in our home for about six months or so. This last weekend our home was robbed and they were able to break into this safe. They used a skill saw, pry-bars, hammers and even set it on fire. They entire area above the door was pryed up the top locking bolt was pryed back into the door, the side of the safe was also pryed to bypass the locking bolt…one of the bolts was broken off. It took some time for the safe to be broken into but it is definatly possible to get it open. My suggestion is if you have valuable items.. spend the money on a better safe…I wish we would have..” Okay, now that you are seriously scared to have your valuables taken away from you by lowly criminals thanks to cheap Walmart gun safes, its time to start thinking seriously and realistically about a gun safe for your home. You can’t just buy a bargain basement gun safe and expect it to last forever, withstand severe fire damage, or prevent theft or even small prying hands of smart and determined children. You have to put time into thinking about where you’re buying your gun safe so that you can insure that your possessions will be safe. The internet is a great resource for this. I assume you’re probably currently in the market for a gun safe since you found my site so you already get the gist of how to use the search engines to find what you’re looking for. You can find tons of gun safe reviews and all sorts of other information about different brands of gun safes. Read up on Browning safes and a biometric gun safe. Those fingerprint gun safe locks are the coolest thing. When I’m shopping for a safe I will always first check out all the brands online and read a gun safe review or two before I purchase anything. You never can be too careful when you’re dealing with your own safety and the security of your home, children, and livelihood. You want to be extra sure that you’re getting the best safe you can afford. There are some really great sites out there for this.I know I don’t buy them often but sometimes I help friends pick out new gun safes. Amazon has a vast library of different gun safes reviews and you can look at all the specifications and make sure you’re getting the best gun safe for your money. The only problem with shopping online is that you have to pay for the shipping costs. It can get pretty expensive to ship a gun safe; those things are huge beasts of metal, but with Amazon, you can often find safes with free shipping, which is a huge savings. It can also be a hassle hauling such a huge safe from a local store, and local stores have steep delivery charges if you want it delivered to your home. Free shipping from Amazon will be a much better deal, and you can read reviews to make sure that you are getting high quality.