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IMPORTANT!...Know what you are buying!

We understand that some people just want to protect thier children and don't require a huge thick gun safe with tons of fire protection.

We have a safe for everyone and every budget!

What is the difference between a "Novelty Gun Safes" and a "Commercial Style Gun Safes?"

Most gun safe manufacturers use only low cost gypsum board for your "fire protection". We are...

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At Patriot Gun Safes, we didn't become the world's fastest growing gun safe manufacturer by sitting on our hands. Our gun cabinets thive on technology & innovation. That's why this website is packed with fire safe designs and features you wont find anywhere else. Features like our Advanced Relocking System. Or our expanded gun safe interiors. Or our Vibration Sensor (Included with every "Official" Patriot Gun Safe). Or our quick access X-2400 Digital/Manual Locking system. Simply put, Patriot Gun safes give you more control of access, more confidence, no matter what you do, no matter where you do it. Your possessions will always fare well with the protection and security of a Patriot Gun Safe.gun safes san joseNew for 2013 the 2-Hour "Premium" Gun Safes featuring over $825.00 of upgrades not seen on other gun safe brands. These safes were designed with the U.S Armed Forces request for a gun safe that could handle any situation anytime, but add a beautiful look that has beed refined by so many of our valued customers. Also, the 2-Hour L.E.O Specials are larger and more fireproof that most gun safes in their price range, and this "Mean Machine" gives you more fire protection and more structural strength than ever before. More steel, more fire protection and a killer price equals too many happy customers to count. Our Gun Safes are made from the best steel press broken to shape. You will be amazed how these gun safes function and how easy they are to use. We have also decided to keep promoting "Friends of the N.R.A" to our customers ensuring that Patriot Gun Safes always has a helping hand in promoting our 2nd Amendment Rights.
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Format Safe Company Serving Proudly Since 1979

"What happens if something goes wrong with my safe?"

In the case of fire: Format Safes will replace your safe for free.

You will provide a police and fire report and we will ship you your safe replacement.

In the case of Attempted Break-In: Format Safes will repair your safe on your property for free.

You will provide a timely police report and three quote...

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Handgun safes keep your guns out of reach of little hands. Biometric handgun safes or combination handgun safes are a must have pistol safe for gun owners.If you own firearms, you probably want to make sure they are secure not only for your families’ safety, but also against burglary. The first step in choosing the right gun safes for your needs is deciding what size safe you would like to own. If...Read More
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gun safes san lose

Format 8-Gun Safe with Combination Lock, Green

The Format GS-8 8-Gun Safe is designed for tall guns like rifles and shotguns. Its exterior measures 15.5” x 12.375” x 53” and its interior, 15” x 9.33” x 52″. Designed to secure its contents, the Format GS-8 8-Gun Safe is built with a set of 3-number combination lock and 3 steel dead bolts providing 6-locking points which are retracted and suspended b...

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A cheap gun safe is not all a waste. Many are sturdily built and can be relied upon. You just have to know what you are getting.You might not think it is a big deal where you buy your gun safes these days. All the major department stores sell them. Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, stores like these all sell safes at really low prices and these safes seem pretty good at face value. However, more and m...Read More
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A biometric gun safe only opens when scanning your fingerprint. This is pretty cool, because then no one can get into it except you. There are some disadvantages as well. Here are some things that you must consider when getting one of these. There is no doubt about it: there is no type of gun box that you can get into faster than a biometric gun safe. You just put your finger on the scanner and it...

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Gun safes serve many purposes. First of all, they help protect your firearms from burglary, fire, and flooding. They also keep curious children from endangering themselves with your weapons. In addition, most people end up using them to store other valuables, such as jewelry and important documents. If you own firearms, you really need a gun safe. Locking musket cabinets may look pretty and give t...

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